Meditation sometime seems like something that is elusive, hard to attain. At its simplest form, it is simply connecting with your breathing and clearing all thoughts out of your mind. When you notice a thought enter you mind, you gently bring you attention back to your breathing.

As simple as that is to understand, many of us find that difficult to do. So perhaps one of the easiest way to mediate is to let someone guide you through the process. Sign up below to receive a free 10 minute guided meditation.

This Savasana Meditation references the use of an eye pillow. While by no means a required item for this meditation, many people like to use them. It is an added signal to our body, that it is now time to relax and get it touch with our breath, and just let go. The calming lavender scent and comfortable feel enhance the experience.

Another aid to meditation is Brainwave Entrainment. It can make meditation much easier because the specialized music helps bring the brainwaves of the listener into the desired state very quickly.  Science has show that the benefits of meditation comes from the change in brainwave activity that occurs when a person meditates. Brainwave Entrainment allows people who find clearing their thoughts difficult, experience to achieve higher states of consciousness than they ever could on their own, at least without years of training.  Lets face it, our modern would bombards us with thoughts, to do lists, etc. and most of us have not been trained on how to meditate.

Another exciting feature about Brainwave Entrainment is that you can listen to specific frequencies that will help with various challenges that you may be experience. Do you want to quit smoking or another bad habit? Maybe you want more energy,  increased focus, improved memory, or healing. There are 75 specialized Isochronic tone .mp3s that can be found here that cover many exciting areas of health and personal development.

Unlock Your Mind's Power

Additional state-of-the-art Isochronics tones to maximize Brainwave Entrainment can be found by click here.


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Meditation with Savasana now Eye Pillow and Acupressure Treatment package while listening to Meditation audio.
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