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While not a cure all, we believe the Savasana NowTM Acupressure Treatment Package is a valuable tool for your wellness routine. While we sometimes joke around here that “I’d rather be in Savasana now”, the truth is that what we value most is that this little respite can be just what we need  to help us re-charge and re-invigorate ourselves for movement and living the active lifestyle that we all strive for. As such, many factors work together to provide health and wellness. Posture, nutrition, exercise, mental attitude, social interactions and a host of other factors contribute to a persons well being.

We would like to highlight healing & wellness modalities. While sometimes all we need is some time alone on our mat to recharge and rejuvenate, other times we need the advice, direction or hands on help from an expert to feel our best.

We invite professionals specializing the the fields of health and wellness to submit an article here telling us the benefits of their modality and a brief description of how it works. We will then provide a link to your web site and ask that you return the favor. In this way we hope to educate our community about the various options that are available.

We have included a map below, to help you locate practitioners who have contributed to our website.

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