The Savasana Now™ Acupressure Treatment Package is now available on Amazon with FREE SHIPPING!!!

The Savasana Now™ Acupressure Treatment Package contains everything you need to experience deep relaxation. Whether you want to enhance your Savasana (yoga) experience, relieve tension and stress, nurse sore/tense muscles naturally, or just take a nap like you have never experienced before, this package will surprise you by how effective it is. At first it may seem counter-intuitive how laying on pressure points can help you achieve deep relaxation, but the magic of this system is how it uses your body’s own weight applied to the pressure points to dissolve muscle tension naturally. The pressure points serve to stimulate blood flow toward the region where they are in contact with the acupressure mat and pillow. That in turn increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to that region helping your bodies natural healing power to work most effectively.

The elegantly designed aromatherapy eye pillow deepens the experience as the lavender scent naturally enhances calmness. Since bare skin contact with the pressure points is optimal, the handy lightweight comfort towel is just what you need to be discrete when using this mat in public settings. Finally, the stylish custom carry bag makes carrying this lightweight package a breeze.

Benefits: Reduce stress, melt away tension, experience tranquility & deep relaxation. Increase blood circulation and endorphins.
Natural/drug free way to reduce pain & restore balance to your system.

The Savasana Now™ Acupressure Treatment Package includes:

Savasana Now Acupressure Treatment Package
Savasana Now Acupressure Treatment Package

Acupressure Mat & Pillow:
Savasana Now Acupressure Pillow & Mat

Aromatherapy Yoga Eye Pillow:
Savasana Now Aromatherapy Yoga Eye Pillow
Comfort Antibacterial Microfiber Towel:
Savasana Now comfort towel folded

Stylish custom carry bag :
Savasana Now carry bag logoSavasana Now bag strap

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, be sure to check our warnings and precautions before using this package. Product should be stored outside the reach of children. 

First Use: When first using this product it is normal to feel some discomfort which usually subsides in less than a minute. At first some may choose to place a very thin cloth, shirt or tissue paper between themselves and the pressure points until they become used to the treatment. Everyone’s experience is unique.

Multiple Usage Options:
• Lying on your on your back with the pillow placed under your neck and head.
• Use before bed to promote restful/deep sleep
• Can be used on feet for reflexology treatment
• Can be use on stomach and face (cloth buffer recommended)

Save money with Savasana Now™ Wellness Routine:
• Use it any time, no appointment necessary.
• Reduce use of anti-inflammatory medication.
• Natural and healthy choice

This package is “great for restorative yoga”

“Best eye pillow I’ve ever seen”

“The most complete acupressure relaxation package available.”


For 21st century yoga practitioner or anyone seeking the ultimate in tranquility and relaxation.

We are so confident that you will love this package that it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Available in your choice of mat & pillow colors: blue, and violet. The eye pillow and comfort towel are in the colors shown for all packages.

Everyone deserves to experience balance and deep relaxation daily.